Just sleeping

Gilda Lavia Gallery (Rome) is pleased to host Just sleeping, an exhibition with the artists Francesco Andreozzi, Janneke Leenders and Oriente Plazzi Marzotto which will open on Friday September 29 at 6 pm. 

The exhibition itinerary involves the three young artists invited to reflect on the theme of sleep, closely linked to the oneiric sphere and to everything that happens when our body and mind enter an "other" dimension.

“We spend more or less a third of our life sleeping and more than a quarter of this segment of existence dreaming, repeatedly, every night…” these are the words used by Oriente Plazzi Marzotto to describe the basic idea from which her installation and pictorial work is born, searching what happens in the blurred boundary between wakefulness, sleep and dream.

In the same way Janneke Leenders in her works carries out a reflection on that sensation of alienation and detachment felt by a sleeping body, she investigates on substance, on the process through which, during sleep, mind and body reach a different timeline.

The intimacy of the night, the overlapping of dreams and thoughts become catharsis in the paintings by Francesco Andreozzi who taps into on his "inner night" to reunite with his deepest feeling, in search of a language that can give shape to the fragments of life.

Going through these three thematic declinations, each of the three artists stimulates the observer to reflect on the various facets of the power of sleep.


The opening will take place in conjunction with:

Matèria Gallery

Genuardi /Ruta Luci di via*

*An outdoor, site specific project curated by Giuliana Benassi


Monitor Gallery

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