Petra Feriancová

Ego in habitat

Gilda Lavia Gallery based in Rome is pleased to host "Ego in habitat", solo show of the artist Petra Feriancová, curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto, which will open on Saturday 26 September at 6.00 pm.

The title of the exhibition stems from a conversation between the artist and the curator on the themes of the exhibition:

◑: There is this phrase: Ego in habitat. 

◐: That you are in your habitat…

◑: No.

◐: … 

◐: I have to live. It means, I have to live.


Within an architectural structure, designed by the artist to be adapted and to interact with the gallery space, a path unfolds that includes a series of works created over a period of several years.

Photographic collages, analogue prints, video installations, works that summarize the imaginary of life lived in a retrospective that starts from the analysis of some categories such as water, hands, sewing thread to get to reflect on the intimate meaning of existence.

As often happens in Feriancová's work, the idea of ​​an itinerary takes on primary importance; the journey into memory and the ever new sensations it generates almost never proceeds as a linear narrative. Everything is based on the idea of ​​association, of multiplicity where, however, the sense of an absolute path aimed at a definitive conclusion is experienced as an error, a trap.