The Truce

Marc Bauer

Exhibition period: from May 21 to July 30, 2022

Gilda Lavia Gallery is pleased to host The Truce, solo exhibition by the artist Marc Bauer which will open on Saturday May 21 from 2 to 8 pm.

 The central theme of the exhibition is the body and its vulnerability. Presenting a series of new works created for the exhibition, the artist represents a reflection on what are the strategies to protect the body, using symbolic elements of the past such as armor, the images we engrave on them and which have the role of talismans, and again to the symbolic images that we draw on our skin, images that will protect us, that will drive away the enemies and give us power.

 “Painting and drawing is a way for me, and by extension the viewer, to understand reality, in all its complexity, subjectively, politically, symbolically”, these are the words used by the artist to describe his creative process.

The Truce for Marc Bauer is an intimate and personal journey, made up of images that trigger memories, phrases that belong to dialogues of past stories; contextualized in a historical period in which two years of pandemic have shown our fragility and our need for human presence, the artist questions the idea of friendship, care and the depth of these kind of relationships.