Pamela Diamante


Gilda Lavia Gallery based in Rome is pleased to host "async", a personal exhibition by the artist Pamela Diamante which will open on Saturday April 17 from 11 am to 7 pm.

 The title of the exhibition takes its name from the large main installation, a reflection of everyday life in which there is a consideration on the asynchrony of the relationship between man as a fleeting "event" of time and nature, which manifests itself in the eternal return of a theatrum mundi.

"async" is a multimedia work, the artist's strong attitude for hybridizing the various languages ​​used emerges, starting from sculptural research where form becomes space and light; energetic modulations create moving images and sounds, the latter experimented in collaboration with the composer Marco Malasomma.

Within the exhibition itinerary, which sees the presence of works conceived specifically for the exhibition, the artist analyzes the anthropocentric relationship between subject-human figure and object-nature, overturning their positions and implementing a process of sublimation of the elements.

Deep and invisible correspondences emerge through the use of a symbolism inherent in the very nature of things. In an alienating period like the one we are going through, the artist's reflection takes shape through the search for an "other" space in which past, present and future enter into a constellation, generating perceptual differences that take shape in the moment.