Gabriella Ciancimino

Il fuoco non ha ombra

Gilda Lavia Gallery (Rome) is pleased to host Il fuoco non ha ombra, solo show by the artist Gabriella Ciancimino which will open on Tuesday 12 December at 6pm.

In the central room of the gallery, a monumental site-specific installation acts as a container for paintings, drawings and sculptures created for the occasion, while the visitor is accompanied by the melody of "La città delle campanule", a video produced by Ciancimino in 2015, which found instead in the second room of the exhibition space.

A contamination between a previous vision and a renewed one which however underlines the artist's constant need to dismantle social, cultural, spiritual and political stereotypes.

From "doing" to "being" freedom is the passage that marks the process of unification of Ciancimino's thought who for years has been carrying out research on Nature and methods of reintegration of the human being within it.

With the installation Il fuoco non ha ombra, the artist simulates an exploration inside a symbolic extraction quarry in which every natural element, including the visitor, is part of a process of bringing together various levels, both physical and metaphysical.

The entrance to the tunnel becomes the imaginary entrance to the quarry, another one place where metaphorically the processes of transformation of natural consciousness would take place and which, therefore, is presented by Ciancimino as a multi-dimension in which present, past and future merge within of a cardboard "box", a material with which the artist lines much of the space, creating a diorama in which the visitor is an active part and in which the plants grow and push themselves inside the cavities until they disappear.

On the occasion of exhibition’s opening, there will be the book presentation of “Radio Fonte Centrale. Il sottotitolo della mia vita” written by the artist Gabriella Ciancimino and pubblished by Europa Edizioni. The editor in the person of Daniele de Prosperis and Nicola Zanella will speak.